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Birthdays, bridal or baby showers, and private parties!

From pregnant tummy painting at showers to princess and little monster faces for children's parties, don't be worried about your guests being bored. Face painting can add that special touch to make the day memorable.

Movies, Music Videos, Theater

Whether you seek to age a performer or create stunning creatures of the imagination, zombies, or vampires, I can help you create that look .

Rates and Services

Rates charged are on private contract and customized to your event. Factors such as location, travel time, number of attendees and anticipated needs can be considered on an individual basis .

Grand Openings, Business Promotions, and Community Events!

There are few activities that bring a crowd like face painting. Whether it be a festival or launching a new business, make the day special for adults and children alike. From total sponsorship to permit guests free face painting to partial sponsorship for reduced rate painting or simple booking with regular rates charged, there are numerous plans to make it possible for Giggle and Grin! to be at your next event.

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