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Birthdays are just wonderful!

Birthdays are such important benchmarks in our lives.  When someone chooses me to be  part of their celebration, I feel blessed and strive to create a precious memory that might just last a lifetime.  

I ask for a 2 hour minimum if possible so that all the children have a chance to enjoy the experience and I can provide as much as possible while I am there.

From Hawaiian flowers and rose tiaras to princess crowns, rainbows, unicorns, spiders, sharks, dragons and so much more,...don't be worried about your guests being bored. Face painting can add that special touch and make the day memorable. 


Let me know if you have a special theme and I will add relevant designs!

Rates are  customized to your event.

Factors such as location, travel time, number of attendees and budget are considered on an individual basis. Please call, text or email me with any questions...

If you have a date in mind, I can schedule you so that I don't give that time to someone else.  I do not charge a deposit or a fee if you must cancel or postpone to another date.

Grand Openings, Business Promotions, and Community Events!

There are few activities that bring a crowd like face painting. Whether it be a festival, a customer appreciation event, fundraiser or launching a new business, make the day special for adults and children alike.

I would LOVE

to be at your next event!

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